Travel documents are delivered as follows:
Collection: a document detailing the date and time for the collection of tickets and vouchers from the airport will be sent by email between 7 days and 1 day before departure (last minute departures).
Original travel documents: sent by courier approximately 4 days before departure

In your travel documents you will find the contact details to use in case of emergency. Furthermore, local tour operator assistants are available for organised tours.

Changes: yes, it is possible to change a reservation by sending an email request to your travel consultant before your departure, detailing the changes that you want to make. Your consultant will check the availability of new services and, if necessary, will inform you of any additional costs.
Cancellation: yes, it is possible to cancel a reservation. Send your cancellation request to your travel consultant by email or fax, stating the reasons for your cancellation. A penalty fee may be charged according to the promoter’s general conditions of sale.

Yes, subject to approval of the airline and payment of any additional supplements

Yes, if you communicate your request when you make your reservation.

After sending a request for information, you will be contacted by email or by telephone to customise your quote according to your specific needs and to complete your reservation. You will then receive an email with the details of the offer as discussed with your travel consultant, and information regarding payment methods. Once full payment has been received (or a deposit, depending on the conditions) your booking will be confirmed. You will then receive your travel contract containing all the details of your booking as well as the general conditions of sale.

A binding request is not a simple request for availability, but a commitment from the client to book a holiday that cannot be confirmed in real time. In order to make a binding request, the client must pay a deposit or, if the request is received less than 30 days prior to departure, the full amount of the booking to the agency.
The agency is responsible for contacting its service providers to request the booking. The service provider should answer in 2 or 3 days. During this time, the client may not change or cancel the request. The provider can accept or refuse the request. If the request is accepted, the client can no longer back out of the agreement and is obliged to accept the booking as soon as it is confirmed. If the service provider refuses the request, the client will receive a full refund of any payments that were made.

Yes. During the booking phase you can specify whether you prefer a window or aisle seat.
Depending on the airline, it is possible to choose your seat after the booking and before departure. You can also request a specific seat directly at the airport during check-in

If your travel booking includes charter flights, the flight schedule will be confirmed 48/24 hours before departure.
The time of the flight that was communicated at the time of your booking could therefore change before your departure.

Charter flights are flights that have been pre-purchased by tour operators and that therefore have a more competitive price than the same routes offered by airlines. Due to the fact that these flights have been purchased in advance, sometimes it is necessary for tour operators to put passengers on different flights, either at a different time or from a different airport, in order to fill the various aeroplanes. Furthermore, for the purposes of flight control in all airports, priority for departures is given first to airlines, then to low cost airlines, and then to charter flights. Charter flights can therefore be subject to delays caused by other flights or by various other problems.

By sending a copy of the completed bank transfer with the MTCN/TRN, we will be able to proceed with your reservation without having to wait for the payment to be credited to our bank account. In this way we will be able to confirm all of your holiday bookings sooner.

The travel contract can be sent only once the services have been confirmed, that is once the agency receives a statement from the tour operator. Before you receive the travel contract, you will be in possession of the quote that you accepted, including the general conditions of the travel contract, which lists all of the services that will be confirmed.

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