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Tips for travelling

Luggage information

The weight limit and the number of suitcases vary according to the airline. Be sure to check before you go to avoid paying very high additional charges. Time requirements for outsize or unusual luggage and transporting animals are also listed.

Airport Check-in

Ensure that your identity card/passport is valid in good time so you do not get held up at departure. Always ask your Consultant to confirm that all your documents are valid for travel.

What you should know

Find out about everything you need to pay at the destination: visas, exit fees, tourist tax, etc. Also find out about local customs and habits, suitable clothing and behaviour and what you need to blend in with your destination

Emergency contacts

Before leaving, write down phone numbers, email addresses and emergency information in a safe place so that you can be helped as quickly as possible. With us you will never be alone as you will always be in touch with your Consultant.


We hope that everything goes well, but the unexpected can happen, so in addition to the insurance included in the package, be sure to explore the benefits of optional policies. In the USA, for example, the maximums must be much higher than usual.

Most popular offers

  • The best prices on the market

    Compare the prices of a package is difficult and takes time, but we do it for you. It's part of our job to find you the best solution at the best price We do it for free, in fact if you do not buy it, you got nothing.

  • Product knowledge avoids errors

    For every product that we see a specialist who knows the product and recommends the best, Dodging disappointments.

  • Travel safely

    You always have the online service of your Travel Consultant, ready to assist at any time. We also have the best insurance that protect you from any inconvenience

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